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Gotta Love Mack Mack

The Auto Connection featuring Mack Mack on Virginia Beach Boulevard in Norfolk

Auto Loans

A view of the Auto Connection on Virginia Beach Boulevard in Norfolk. I have never bought a car from this dealership, but I have to say I get a kick out of their commercials. They are low budget and cheesy, but DEFINITELY get your attention. I crack up every time I see them! Their mascot is Mack Mack, a bull dog that they dress up at times and have perform with the owner in various skits. I believe one of their sayings is, "Come see Mack Mack if your credit is Ruff Ruff". They provide in-house financing and say you can get a car for only $300 down (again, I haven't used them but their commercials are played frequently enough that I remember the sales pitch)! You can view some of their commercials under the Meet Mack Mack section on the Auto Connection website if you want a kick.

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Anonymous said...

it sounds like the guy on tv says " Mad Max" in the comercial

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